How do I create a new classroom?

It’s easy. All you have to do is go to the homepage and click “Add a New Classroom”, add a photo to your new group and… that’s it. Now all that’s left is inviting your friends to the class by sending the link any way you choose - Whatsapp, Facebook, email, or however else you like.

I’m in the classroom, now what? How do I ask questions?

In every classroom that you are a member of, you can access different assignments, so questions on the math test next week won’t get thrown together with the questions from the math homework. It is important to note that when you open an assignment - you should name it, give it a date and upload a photo if necessary (like a picture of the chalkboard with homework written by the teacher).

I opened an assignment and I see other questions, but I can’t understand where I can add a question!

You can add a question to an existing assignment by clicking the + on the top of the screen.

I can move from question to question, but can’t see how you can see the comments on them.

In order to read your friends’ comments, swipe the question up towards the top of your phone.

Can I turn off notifications?

The app’s notifications were designed to update you when someone adds a comment or asks a new question in the classroom, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest student comments that were sent. If you want to turn off notifications, you can do so through your phone’s settings: Settings - Apps - Class.Me - Notifications - Off.

What is the archive? How do I find it?!

The archive is like a drawer where you can put all your questions and answers that you asked so far. What does that mean? After an assignment is due, the assignment (and the questions and comments that it includes) is moved to the archive to make room for the new assignments. The archive is right under your nose! Go into the classroom, then go to your assignments screen, scroll down until you see “Show Archive.” Click on it.

How do I know who’s in the classroom?

After you enter the classroom, click on the symbol to see who your classmates are. If some of your friends aren’t in the classroom, you can invite them from the same screen to join.